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Bobsled through the house

Pretend you’re pushing a bobsled to the finish line to practice your push and pull skills.

Safety Tip: Find an open space or hallway so you can move freely without slipping or hitting anything.


  • Open space or a hallway
  • A ‘bobsled’ – if you don’t have a bobsled, try using a cardboard box, a chair, couch cushions or even a wheel barrow if you’re outside!
  • A piece of tape or string to mark your starting and finish line


Step one

Mark your starting line with tape or string. Walk about 8-10 steps, in a straight line and mark your finish line.

Step two

Stand at your starting line with your bobsled in front of you. Place your feet shoulder width apart, and slightly bend your knees. Lean forward and place your hands on your bobsled.

Step three

Start to walk forward and push your bobsled towards the finish line. Come to a complete stop when you cross your finish line.

Step four

Adjust your hand grip and widen your feet out a bit more. Keep your knees slightly bent and your back straight. Start walking backwards and pull your sled back to the starting line.

Step five

Challenge yourself!

  • Make your bobsled heavier by adding things into it while you push and pull