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Kick around the world

Practice controlling your kicking safely inside by kicking a scrunched up piece of paper in and out of each room in your house.

Safety Tip: Make sure your space is clear so you can move freely without slipping on or hitting anything.


  • More than one clear room in your house
  • A scrunched up piece of paper


Step one

Choose a starting point and an ending point (e.g. hallway or bedroom).

Step two

Stand at your starting point, with your ball in front of you.

Step three

Stagger your stance: slightly bend your knees, put your weight on your front foot. Swing your back leg towards your ball and kick it forward using the side of your foot.

Step four

Follow your ball and continue to kick it forwards into, and out of, each room.

Step five

Once you reach your ending point, turn around and choose another ending point.

Step six

Challenge yourself! Use your opposite foot to kick your ball as you move between rooms.