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Level batting

Practice your striking skills by hitting an object from 3 different levels: your feet, waist and shoulders.

Safety Tip: Make sure you find an open space so you can move freely without hitting anything. Try doing this outside.


  • A stick, pool noodle, racket or your feet and hands
  • A medium-sized and lightweight object to strike (e.g. balloon, ball or stuffed animal)


Step one

Place your ball or other object on the ground. Hold your stick/pool noodle and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Step two

Twist your body but keep your eyes on your object. Strike the object with your stick/pool noodle.

Step three

This time, throw your object in the air or have someone throw it to you. Strike the object once it is about waist high.

Step four

Throw your object in the air or have someone throw it to you again. This time, try striking it when it is about shoulder high.

Step five

Challenge yourself!

  • Use a smaller object like a small rubber ball or a coin.
  • Try to make your object land in a specific spot.