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Push pull square

Practice your pushing and pulling skills with different objects in your home.

Safety Tip: Find a big open space inside or in your backyard so you can move freely without slipping or hitting anything.


  • Four household objects (big or small)
  • Open space
  • Comfortable clothes to run around in


Step one

Create a square, with each of your objects marking a ‘corner’. Make each corner about 10 steps apart.

Step two

Stand at the first object. Walk to the next corner, pushing the object forward.

Step three

When you get to the next corner, try to push the two objects together to the next corner. Be creative! Here are some things to try out:

  • Stacking the two objects together
  • Putting one object inside another (so you only have to push one thing!)

Step four

Repeat this until you have all four objects back at your starting point.

Step five

Now pull your objects back to their starting place.

  • Adjust your grip, lower your centre of gravity, widen your feet and keep your back straight.
  • Pull all of your objects backwards to the last corner. Each time you reach a corner, leave one object there. Repeat until you are back to the starting corner.

Step six

Challenge yourself!

  • Make your square bigger by moving your objects further apart
  • See if you can do it faster!