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Snake shake

This activity is a good way to practice how to skip rope. This is fun to play inside the house or in your backyard!


  • 2-3 people
  • Jump rope or heavy rope
  • Something to tie one end of the rope onto (e.g. a post, chair leg, etc.)
  • Comfortable clothes to move around in


Step one

Imagine that the jump rope has suddenly become a giant python! Have two people each hold one end of the jump rope (if you don't have a person to do this, tie the rope onto something or lay it flat on the floor).

Step two

Move the rope back and forth to make it slither like a snake. Jump back and forth to avoid the snake! If you touch the snake, switch who the jumper is.

Step three

Challenge yourself!

  • Can you SKIP over the snake?
  • How about jumping back and forth with one leg?
  • Add a spin while you jump!