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Toss and strike

This is a great challenge for all ages to practice their striking skills. It can be adapted to any skill level.

Safety Tip: Find an open space so you can move freely without slipping or hitting anything breakable.


  • A variety of different sized items that you can toss in the air (e.g. beach ball, paper plate, soft ball, tennis ball, golf ball, coin, etc.)


Step one

Organize your items from biggest to smallest.

Step two

Pick up your biggest item and toss it straight up in the air. On its way down, strike it with the same hand you threw it with.

Step three

Do the same with the next biggest item, and the rest of your items until you've successfully struck them all.

Step four

Start again but this time use a timer to see how fast you can get through the entire line.

Step five

Challenge yourself!

  • Toss your object a little further ahead of where you’re standing and walk towards it to strike it with your hand.
  • Try striking the objects, while moving or running.
  • Spread out your items so they are further apart.