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Bee hotel

Make Calgary a bee-utiful city by building your own bee hotels for our solitary bees to find shelter and keep warm. A bee hotel is a place where bees can come and go as they need.


  • Container (like a large tin can or bucket)
  • Natural materials (e.g. Hollow plant reeds, cones, cardboard tubes, fallen sticks from local trees or bamboo sticks)
  • Paint or markers


Step one

Decorate your container with bright colours to attract bees to your bee hotel.

Step two

Pack the natural materials tight into the container.

Step three

Put your bee hotel in your yard to give these buzzing friends a wonderful place to rest.

Calgary is a Bee City! That means we make bees feel safe and loved in our city. Plant bee-friendly plants in your own backyard to make sure our bee friends have food to eat. They especially like plants like lilacs, lavender, mint and sunflowers.

Remember: Don’t be afraid of bees; they don’t want to hurt you. Stay away from their food and beehive and they will leave you alone. Fun Fact: Only the female bees (worker bees and queen bees) can sting.