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Eagle and chicks tag

For this game, find a small open place to run. This game works well with three or more players - try it with your whole family!

Time: five minutes per game


Step one

Choose one person as the eagle and one person as the mother hen. Everyone else will be chicks.

Step two

Have the chicks line up behind the mother hen. The first chick will hold onto the mother hen's waist or clothes and the next chick will hold onto the first chick's waist or clothes, and so on.

Step three

  • The eagle will run around and try to catch one of the chicks by tagging them.
  • The mother hen can protect the chicks by spreading her arms shoulder high.
  • The chicks will try to run out of the way of the eagle - they don't have to stay in line all the time.

If the eagle catches a chick, the game will be over, and that chick will be the eagle in the next game.