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Egg-celent counting game

Bird eggs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Like the eggs, nests and birds are all different shapes and sizes too. Welcome spring by making your own bird eggs and nest out of Play-Doh. Think about how the size of a bird determines how big they need to make their nest.


  • Play-Doh (if you don't have any, use our no-bake recipe or your own)


Step one

Make a nest and some bird eggs out of Play-Doh.

Step two

Answer the following questions:

  • How many eggs fit in your bird nest?
  • What type of bird lives in your bird nest?
  • Can you make bigger bird eggs? How many eggs fit in now?
  • Can you make smaller bird eggs? How many eggs fit in now?

Make the sound of your bird chicks when they hatch!

Move like a bird!

Did you know?

Birds make their nest a different size depending on their body size. Bird eggs come in different sizes depending on the size of the bird parents. The larger the bird, the larger the egg and nest. Remember, the birds need to sit on their eggs to keep them warm. Eggshells are very strong to protect the little chick until it’s hatched.