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EGG-HEAD spring planter

Did you know you can use hollowed out chicken egg shells to start your spring plants inside? Just hollow out an egg, add some soil and a seed, and voila – a portable plant that can be planted in your yard when the weather gets warm. Don’t forget to put a fun face on it, so the plant looks like its hair! Follow along with our step by step guide!


  • Egg carton
  • Egg(s)
  • Soil
  • Seeds; grass seeds, herbs, native species flowers
  • Permanent marker


Step one

Turn the egg pointed side up and draw a face on each egg.

Step two

Tap the pointed end of the egg with a spoon until it’s slightly cracked. Use your finger to pull off bits of the shell until the opening is big enough for a good crop of grass aka egg-head hair. Dump the raw egg out and rinse the empty eggshell.

Step three

Place your egg-head into an empty egg carton to stabilize, and place soil inside.

Step four

Sprinkle the grass seeds (or seeds of choice) on top.

Step five

Place your eggs in a sunny spot and check the soil daily. Add water if it looks or feels dry. You should see sprouts in a few days.

Once the grass/hair is long enough, you can style it! Try tying the grassy hair, or even trimming to a unique cut. Keep watering your egg-heads and enjoy!