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Escape from the zoo

A fun game for younger children.


Children can play individually or in teams. If playing in teams, they will travel together in their groups throughout the game.

A parent/guardian will set boundaries for the game (living room, whole house etc). One area will be designated as the zoo. The parent/guardian will have hidden stuffed animals within the area of play.

Children try to find the animals. Once an animal is captured it is brought to the zoo area where the Zookeeper (parent/guardian) is waiting.

When an animal is brought to the Zookeeper, the Zookeeper gives that child/team a task (dance/sing a song etc.). When they complete the task, they are awarded points. Points are tallied at the end and the highest scoring team/individual wins.

Children are asked to leave the room (or cover their eyes with their hands), so the animals can be hidden again. The game can continue for as long as you wish. 

Stuffed animals