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Freeze dance challenge

Find an open space in your house or take your tunes outdoors. Encourage children and adults to a dance to the music however their bodies desire to move and groove. Challenge balance through new movements by calling out key words such as ‘dance on one foot’. When the music stops, dancers must hold the pose and do their best not to wiggle too much. This game encourages imagination, coordination, inquisitive thought and experimentation with a variety of movements and movement styles.


  • Music/audio source

Where to play: Open area inside the house or outside in the backyard/driveway/sidewalk

Safety t​ip: Try and make sure your space is clear of other objects


Step one

Play music for 30 seconds to one minute. Dance around the open space. Stop music and call ‘freeze’!

Step two

Each player freezes in position and tries not to wiggle or move until the music begins again.

Step three

Challenge new moves or test balance by having kids freeze on one foot or hold a challenging position, such as right hand and left foot on the ground only.

Examples for adding imagination and movement to the game:

  • Dance like a:
    • Bumble bee
    • Rabbit
    • Snake
    • Tree in the wind
    • Butterfly
    • Zombie
  • Challenging movements:
    • Zig-zagging
    • Two foot jumping and one foot hopping
    • Slithering and rolling on the ground
    • Feet rooted, arms and body waving and bending in all directions
    • Slow, big arm movement and tip toe walking
    • Straight arms and leg, rigid movements