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Hot potato


  • Balloon(s)
  • Open space


  • Work together as a family to keep the balloon in the air as you travel across an open space.
  • The balloon is a ‘hot potato’ – you want to hit it as quickly as possible and give yourself time to cool off after hitting it (don’t hit it again right afterwards).
  • Any method to keep the balloon up is okay, but don’t let it touch the ground.


  • Players can't touch the ball twice in a row. When one person hits the balloon, somebody else needs to hit it next.
  • Family members must remain 2 metres (6 feet) apart from one another. If you hit the balloon and it doesn’t go far, quickly move out of the way so someone else can hit it.
  • If the balloon drops, somebody hits it more than once in a row or family members get within 2 metres (6 feet) of one another, you must start over!


  • Pick a body part that players must use to hit the ball (e.g. nose, elbow).
  • Do the crab walk or other movement instead of walking.
  • Play with your hands behind your back.
  • Use a volleyball.