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Indoor golf

Golf toss

Have children form groups of two (or children can play individually). The parent/guardian places can/buckets around the room.

Each child or group starts at the "hole" (tin can). From there, they throw their bean bag/ball into the next hole in sequence. An older child/parent/guardian will keep score. Count the number of shots the group/child takes to complete each hole.

At the end of nine holes, children add the total shots taken. The winner is the child/group with the lowest total. A few variations can be made. At each hole, you could allow only one shot. Give points to the group/child who make it. In this version the ones with the most points at the end win.

Have all the children complete a game using trick shots. Be creative. Throw between the legs, behind the back etc.

Have different size cans/buckets. Make it easier or harder to get the shot. Play more than one game to see if children can improve their scores.

Mini golf


  • Plastic or paper cups
  • Ping pong or other small light plastic balls
  • Something for a club (broom handle, hockey stick, baseball bat - be creative)


Set up a mini golf course around the house. Use paper or plastic cups for the holes.

Want to make it more challenging?

  • Take the game outside if possible
  • Move the cups further apart
  • Put obstacles in the way