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Natural rainstick

Rain is very important to Calgary. Humans and wildlife need rain to survive. Rain helps add drinking water to lakes and rivers. It also helps plants and trees grow.

What does the rain look and sound like? Make this natural rainstick to remember what the rain sounds like.


  • A plastic container or jar
  • Small pebbles, stones or rice
  • Local sticks (make sure to use the ones already on the ground that have fallen over the winter months)


Step one

Look for materials outside in your own backyard or in your house.

Step two

Put the sticks and pebbles (use rice if you can't find small pebbles) inside the container or jar.

Step three

Shake your rainstick!

You can also use your natural rainstick in places with coyotes nearby. Letting animals like coyotes know we are nearby helps keep them safe!