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Neighbourhood wind chime


  • Sticks
  • Rocks
  • Twine or other types of string
  • Bells/old jewelry/washers/spare keys/metal bottle caps
  • Mason jar lid rings, dried flowers, tissue paper (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Markers


  1. Decorate a large stick using markers or any other craft supplies you have.
  2. Tie a piece of string to each end to hang the wind chime.
  3. Tie 3 - 4 pieces of string to the bottom of the stick for your chimes.
  4. Select chimes to add and tie using the string. Try to make the string similar lengths so the different chimes can easily touch and make sound.
  5. Have an adult help you deliver the wind chime to your neighbour on their doorstep or mailbox. Make sure you leave at least two meters to allow for contactless delivery of your gift! You can also leave a nice note along with your gift!

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