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Lending libraries

Lending libraries

Lending and borrowing of goods, resources and services.

Lending Libraries are community hubs that allow for the lending and borrowing of goods, resources and services.  With traditional models of ownership changing, lending libraries allow users to share resources, goods, services and even skills without the burden of ownership. Lending Libraries help build community, clear clutter, and allow for more equitable access to resources.

Lending library ideas

  • Tools and kitchen tools
  • Seed lending libraries
  • Baby clothes
  • Sports equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Wedding décor
  • Fashion library

Starting a lending library

1. Planning and engagement

​When starting a lending library, it is important that you to define the goals of your project.

2. Fundraising

You will need to organize specific fundraising activities to ensure your library will be sustainable in the future.

3. Liability information

​It is important to consider insurance, laws and policies when starting up a lending library.

4. Inventory

​Building and managing the inventory of a lending library.

5. Promotion and volunteers

​Promote your lending library in your community and recruit volunteers and potential members.

6. Evaluation

​Evaluating helps ensure you are on the right track, measure success, and provide ideas for improvement.