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Slacklining is an increasingly popular activity for many Calgarians, and is a growing sport in North America. It’s an activity where the participant affixes nylon webbing between two fixed points (such as rocks, posts or trees) and then walks along the line, using it like a tightrope to practice balance and coordination. Slacklining is typically an outdoor activity.

We are pleased to work with the community to accommodate interest in the sport. As a result, a pilot location has been established at the Deerfoot Business Centre (6632 8 St. N.E.). At this location, permanent green posts are cemented in to the ground, where slacklines can be attached. The posts will be monitored for durability and general wear and tear over time.

Please note The City’s Tree Protection Bylaw serves to protect the health of our urban forest and prohibits attaching any object to trees.​​​​​