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City tree care in Calgary

Trees planted in urban conditions face many challenges such as poor soil, extreme weather, tree diseases and lack of nutrients but we're committed to helping them adapt to life in our city.

What is The City doing for our trees and urban forests?

The City takes a number of steps to ensure that City-owned trees are properly watered and cared for. The majority of our trees are planted in the spring, which ensures they get a full growing season to become established. Young trees are often equipped with green water bags that allow moisture to gradually soak into the ground around the root system to help them grow, and water trucks with non-potable water are used to do supplemental watering when needed.

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Urban Forest Tree Preservation Survey Findings

The City of Calgary engaged Calgarians to better understand how they view their urban forest and potential initiatives to encourage its preservation. The research results illustrate the need for a deeper analysis of the health and distribution of our urban forest and to investigate further opportunities to enhance it.