Caution | State of local emergency renewed until May 24, 2021

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Based on updated Provincial public health measures announced May 4, all City of Calgary-operated indoor and outdoor sport, fitness and recreation programs and facility bookings will be suspended until further notice. Information about summer programs, including day camps, will be available when Provincial health orders permit.

Drop-in gentle fitness programs

These programs are currently not available. We are working on reopening our recreation facilities, programs and services.

To find drop-in gentle fitness programs, visit

Our gentle fitness classes are designed for people just starting a physical fitness routine, returning to a regular physical fitness routine or rehabilitating after an injury or illness.

These classes are categorized into several levels to help you find the programs that best suit your fitness needs.

Gentle Fitness Level 1:

Slow paced exercise classes focussing on functional movements, fall prevention and strength exercises. Primarily a seated class.

  • Significant limitations to exercise.
  • Capable of 0-15 minutes of continuous physical activity.
  • Mobility issues, may be at risk of a fall, may use mobility devices.

Gentle Fitness Level 2:

Moderately paced exercise classes focussing on increasing functional capacity, balance and mobility, muscle strength and aerobic endurance. Seated and standing components.

  • Some limitations to exercise.
  • Capable of 15 – 30 minutes of continuous physical activity.
  • Mild-moderate balance and/ or mobility issues may use mobility aide.

Gentle Fitness Level 3:

Moderately paced exercise classes focussing on improving participant’s functional strength and on increasing aerobic endurance. Primarily a standing class.

  • Little to no limitations to exercise.
  • Capable of doing 30+ minutes of continuous physical activity.
  • No significant mobility issues.

We offer a variety of fitness classes which you can find at or click on the table below for upcoming gentle fitness drop-in offerings.

Please Note:

  • Not all fitness rooms are wheelchair accessible. Check the accessibility of recreation facilities to ensure a facility will meet your access needs.
  • Drop-in programs are subject to change. Check back regularly for the most up-to-date schedule.
  • Ask our friendly staff for more information on programs offered at your nearest Calgary Recreation facility.