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Playschool & Preschool age Programs

Playschool and preschool age programs

Preschoolers love to be active – they run, jump, spin, leap and climb at every opportunity. It’s a great time to get them participating in preschool and playschool programs and learning physical literacy.

Register for playschool - School Year 2021

This program is not allowed under current health restrictions. If still not allowed two weeks prior to program start date, you will be contacted and your registration fee refunded.

Our 2021 school year playschool program runs from Sept. 2021 - June 2022.

To register, email 

Email subject line:
Playschool School Year 2021- 2022 - Inglewood Bird Sanctuary  OR
Playschool School Year 2021- 2022 - Southland Leisure Centre  OR
Playschool School Year 2021- 2022 - Village Square Leisure Centre 

Please copy the below information, then select a location and paste into the body of your email.

Child name:
Child Date of Birth:
Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian Phone number:
Course Code (first option):
Location Requesting (i.e. Village Square Leisure Centre, Southland Leisure Centre, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary)

School year payment options

Payment for playschool programs can be made by emailing LiveandPlay only. Payment must be made by credit card only.

Fees are directly related to the number of classes scheduled in the Playschool year. Enrolment is for a period of 10 months (Sept. - Jun.). Payment can be made in full or set up scheduled payments at the time of registration. Our rates and fees are decided by City Council and are subject to change without notice.

School year program fees for 3 and 4 year olds
Days of the week Location Total Fee: (based on number of classes scheduled)


Southland Leisure Centre $2893.25/year, 10 equal payments: $289.33/mo


Southland Leisure Centre

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

$1867.25/year, 10 equal payments: $186.73/mo


Village Square Leisure Centre

$1848.00/year, 10 equal payments: $184.80/mo


Southland Leisure Centre Village Square Leisure Centre

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

$1336.50/year, 10 equal payments: $133.65/mo


Village Square Leisure Centre $637.50/year, 10 equal payments: $63.75/mo

We are not currently offering the following programs due to COVID restrictions

Preschool aged programs

  • Drop-in preschool programs
  • Playschool - Seasonal
  • Playschool - School Year
  • Babysitting


Playschool locations

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

Children connect to nature and explore the outdoors. Activities emphasize social, physical, creative, intellectual and emotional development and awareness that contribute to lifelong patterns of active living.

Southland Leisure Centre

Our playschools offer active play, songs, activities, arts and crafts. Children learn skills that help build the foundations of being active for life, while preparing them for school.

Village Square Leisure Centre

Preschool children enjoy our engaging programs that include social skill, arts and crafts, active play and songs. It helps build a foundation of being active for life.

Safety and supervision

Guidelines and supervision are provided in all preschool aged programs. To ensure the health and safety of participants, the programs have the following standards in place:

  • Our staff are selected on the basis of experience, ability to relate to children, and leadership skills. Staff receive training and are certified in Standard First Aid with CPR, and the High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development.
  • Lower ratios are in place for younger ages and some speciality programs.

Children with disabilities are welcome

Our playschool programs welcome and include children with disabilities. Please make us aware of any disabilities or behavioural needs that may affect your child's participation. While our goal is inclusive participation, there are times when a child requires more support than our current ratios are able to provide, the program supervisor may request an aide. If required, it is the parent's responsibility to arrange for and provide the aide. Contact the program supervisor to obtain the Aide Expectation Information.

Your child's speech development: where should they be?

Evaluate your child's progress in speech development. If you have concerns, talk to your child's teacher. Contact Alberta Health Services, or Health Link at 811 if you would like more information on how to assist your child with any of the following: Speech development, Fine motor, Large motor skills, and more.