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Open Spaces: Windows to a View

Open Spaces: Windows to a View Exhibition space for Canadian artists

This program offers local and regional artists an opportunity to showcase their art in a highly visible downtown location while working with a professional guest curator. The program, which began in 2009, celebrates the diversity and quality of works by regional artists, while enlivening the Centre Street LRT platform on 7 Avenue between 1 Street S.E. and Centre Street.

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Current exhibition

Outdoor Ice - Candice Ward

Exhibiting now are six images from the Outdoor Ice series by Indigenous photographer, Candice Ward.

Artist statement

The Outdoor Ice series did not start out to be a series. The goal was to capture a portrait of a local hockey player that I had worked with for a few years out on the perfect glassy mountain ice. Timing had other plans. I soon discovered how difficult it was to find the perfect conditions and an available skater to head to the mountains all at the same time.

My first attempt was with the intended subject at Johnson Lake but the conditions were not ideal. The lake was snow covered and required shoveling to skate. The portrait still turned out great, but it was not what I was hoping to achieve. The next session was with Saroya Tinker, professional hockey player with the Toronto Six out at Lake Louise. Again, the conditions were less than ideal as we hit a huge snowfall and had to clear off a small patch of ice with our bodies and hockey sticks to create space for her to skate. Despite the poor conditions, the images were beautiful. This is the moment I knew I could turn this into something cool. 

From there – the series evolved into showcasing a set of high calibre diverse athletes on the outdoor ice – and not just hockey players, but speedskaters and figure skaters as well. With Covid closing all indoor training facilities throughout the winter, these athletes were forced to find ice where they could and excited to take part in this series.

Included in the exhibition are:

  • Jett Woo, Vancouver Canucks prospect
  • Saroya Tinker, Toronto Six defender
  • Brigette Lacquette, former Team Canada defender
  • Nathan Hollinger, athletic therapist for the Calgary Hitmen
  • Brooklyn McDougall, Team Canada speed skater
  • Gilmore Junio, Team Canada speed skater

Shots of hockey players on the frozen mountain lakes are not unique and have been done many times, but I feel the diversity of the athletes who took part in this series and the gender equality in the set is what makes this set special.

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