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Thomson Family Park Public Art Project

The concept

The mural contains the quote “The Readiness is All,” from the William Shakespeare play, Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 2.

Throughout the play, Hamlet constantly debates the meaning of life… this line demonstrates Hamlet’s new thinking and that he is at peace with the inevitable. In a general sense, this line is a good reminder, to everyone, to always be ready for anything. Everyone will face either a difficult situation or decision at some point in their lives, and being prepared for that can make a significant difference.

The artist

Sergey Ryutin is a professional artist, who primarily focuses on the urban art form. Living and working in Calgary for over ten years, Sergey has completed a number of projects, both exterior and interior, for a variety of clients. He is dedicated to giving back to the community, having participated in outreach programs for youth and initiatives promoting the transformational powers of the arts for youth. He has previously taught street art techniques and history through live demonstrations and tutorials.


Sergey Ryutin designed the artwork based on information gathered through meetings with stakeholders, community input as well as site-specific considerations and cultural heritage.

Project details

Sergey Ryutin worked with the local community and as part of the design team to develop The Readiness is All, a temporary public artwork fin Thomson Family Park Working in conjunction with the Street Art Program for Youth, the mural considers both the cultural heritage of the site, and reflects the vision and desires of the community and the Thomson family.

Title of Artwork: The Readiness is All
Artist: Sergey Ryutin
Site: Thomson Family Park
Public Art Budget: $14k
Commissioned by: Calgary Parks
Project Completion: 2016

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