Hail storms in Calgary

Hail storms in Calgary

Protect your home, property and investments from hail damage.

About the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program

The rebate program offered $3,000 to homeowners who replaced their roof with an impact-resistant product to protect their homes from severe weather damage.

Due to popular demand, we are no longer accepting applications to the Resilient Roofing Rebate Program.

More about Impact Resistant Materials

Acceptable roofing materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Asphalt shingle
  • Clay tile
  • Concrete tile
  • Metal
  • Plastic/polymer/composite products
  • Recycled rubber

The impact resistant roof covering must be installed over the entire roofing surface, including the hips and ridges.

Roofing materials must comply with either:

  • Underwriters’ Laboratory Standard 2218 (UL2218), Impact Standard for Impact Resistance of Prepared Roof Covering Materials, or
  • Factor Mutual Standard 4473 (FM4473), Specification Test Standards for Impact Resistant Testing of Rigid Roofing Materials by Impacting with Freezer Ice Balls

For Roofing Contractors

Roofs installed by a non-member at the time of installation must be inspected by an AARA or ARCA roof inspector to ensure compliance with the Resilient Roofing Installation Checklist.

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