Caution | Outdoor water restrictions in effect

Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Applications are required for any sub-surface disturbance to streets, lanes or UR/W as per the Streets Bylaw. There is currently no fee for this application.

Our group works closely with consultants who are trying to identify and, if necessary, remediate any contamination located within The City of Calgary. All applications for borehole investigations are treated with confidentiality.

The City’s Utility Line Assignment approval process for borehole applications has fully transitioned online.  All applications requiring a utility alignment must be submitted through the Calgary Rights-of-Way Management (CROWM) portal at This is the online place to manage all applications requiring a utility alignment permit.

To use the online service, customers require a City of Calgary myID business account. myID is an online service that provides citizens and business owners with access to multiple City services using a single account.

To get started, visit and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Once your application has been submitted, a Utility Planning Specialist will review the proposed alignment for the borehole. Please note, a License of Occupation is still required.

For third-party investigations of a geotechnical nature or other, an Indemnification Agreement via Roads is still required and can be requested online. If you have any questions regarding myID, please contact 311. For questions regarding CROWM, please contact

Do we need to send our CROWM approval to the License Coordinator?

No. The license coordinator has access to CROWM so you do not need to send your approval separately once you have received it.

How long does the online process take? Is it the same amount of time as the paper process?

We strive to complete online borehole application requests within 3 weeks, which is about the same timeframe as paper requests as the volume of requests continues to remain the same.

Is there a cost associated with the online application?

No, there is no cost to submitting the application online.

Where can we direct questions prior to applying for a ULA approval?

The process has been streamlined and all questions can be directed to

What happens if there isn’t a block profile available for the area we want to work in?

If there isn’t a block profile available, please submit a PDF design drawing of the area where the work is taking place, being sure to include the nearest Property Lines and offsets from those Property Lines to the proposed work as one of your supporting documents.

What other applications are available in the CROWM portal?

The current version of CROWM supports applications for:

  • Single Line Assignment;
  • Multi-Party Line Assignment;
    • URD (Underground Residential Distribution);
    • Developer Choice;
    • Design Only;
    • Joint Use;
    • WID (Wireless Infrastructure Deployment);
  • Annual Permit;
  • Infill Service Connection;
  • Borehole;
  • Shoring;
  • Temporary Service Drop; and
  • Tree Replacement – Urban Forestry

If the drop-down menu doesn’t have one of the supported application types you are looking for, it is most likely because the Utility Provider or Contractor is not authorized for that Application type.

We continue to work on adding other applications to the CROWM portal in the future. If you have any questions, please contact

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