Leader support for employees

As a supervisor, you’re responsible for monitoring your employees’ work performance. If you see a need, recommend EFAP resources. In addition to the resources offered to all employees, LifeWorks provides specific resources to support you in your role as a leader.

Helping a troubled employee

From time to time your employees may be troubled by family or other personal difficulties which may have a negative impact on their work. As their manager, you are one of the most likely persons to notice such an impact. When this happens, what should you do? Should you ignore it or should you intervene immediately?

LifeWorks is a resource to help you figure out your role, identifying the issue and steps you can take to help.

Supervisor hotline

Should an employee situation arise in the workplace, you as a leader can contact a LifeWorks senior-level clinician at any time for immediate consultation.

Situations that typically benefit from consultation or coaching include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Workplace conflict
  • Employee personal problems
  • Unusual employee behaviour
  • Providing assistance to employees

To access call LifeWorks’ 24/7 intake centre at 1-877-700-1424 and ask for the Key Person Advice Line.

Trauma Services

A critical incident is any situation faced by a City employee or group of employees that causes unusual or strong emotional reactions that may interfere with the ability to function, either immediately or in the future. Examples of incidents include: workplace accidents, witnessing impactful traumatic events, employee deaths, suicides, difficult first responder calls, line-of-duty deaths, natural disasters, robberies, transportation accidents, and employee terminations. If required, onsite support can be made available within two hours of the request.

LifeWorks’ Crisis Management Services​ provide support, and a range of crisis services, to an organization’s leadership and/or employees who have been impacted by an unexpected incident or an unsettling workplace event.

Notify your manager and BAS HRBP when CMS has been requested.

Additional information on Crisis Management Services services can be found on the myCity/myHR Leaders page.

Contacting LifeWorks

Confidential services are available in several languages, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To book an appointment or learn what services best suit your needs, call LifeWorks.

1-877-700-1424 (24 hours)