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engage! - 12 Street SE Bridge Replacement


The 12 Street S.E. Bridge is being replaced because it has outlasted its original lifespan and because of its deteriorated physical condition. (The bridge was built in 1908, and was originally designed to carry a horse and buggy, as well as foot traffic to St. George’s Island. )

The bridge is now an important link in the transportation system link for vehicles and for people on foot or on bikes. It is being replaced in order to ensure this important link in the transportation network remains in place for the next 100 years.

During the Preliminary Design phase of the project, a design was selected for the new bridge, which met the criteria and budget for the project. Click here to view a rendering of the bridge side view, and click here to view a rendering of the north side of the bridge.

The bridge is being replaced under the Life-cycle and Asset Management section of the City of Calgary’s Investing in Mobility Plan, which defines the priority and timing of capital transportation infrastructure projects for the next 10 years.

The Zoo Flood Mitigation Project is underway at the same time as the 12 Street S.E. Replacement Project. This project will result in the closure of Zoo Road and alternating access points to St. Patrick’s Island and the Zoo Administration Buildings. Please visit their web page for updates on closures.

The existing 12 Street S.E. Bridge will remain open for as long as possible during the construction of the new bridge.  The two projects are coordinating their construction work in order to minimize closures and disruptions to commuters and residents.

Scope of bridge project
Click here to view a side view of the bridge, and here for the aerial view.
Starting in spring 2016*, the bridge will be replaced with a new structure that will incorporate the following features:
• Two lanes for vehicle traffic with wider lane widths and ability to accommodate emergency vehicles.
• Multi-use pathway on west side (four metres wide), incorporated into pathways on north and south sides.
• Two lookouts on the west side on the multi-use pathway.
• Improved access to Zoo’s Administration Buildings for cars, bikes and pedestrians.
• Enhanced flood resiliency features including higher clearance over the river and less piers in the river than the existing bridge.
* Construction work is dependent on weather and other conditions. Dates may change. Changes will be posted on the project web page .

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