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engage! - Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Association Facility


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The Albert Park-Radisson Heights community association facility is in disrepair. The estimate for repairing the building is approximately $1.6 million.  This project is currently unfunded.

There are three options on how to move forward with the community association facility:

• Repair the facility

• Demolish the current facility and build a new or different facility;
- on the current site; or
- as part of the multi-family building on another site in the community

• Demolish the current facility and do not rebuild anything in its place

We would like to thank the residents who participated in this process.  Your thoughts and feedback can be viewed by clicking on the "We're Listening" tab.

Next Steps: The City of Calgary will review all information collected and provide a “What We Did” report to the community which outlines how the information collected was used to make a recommendation on this project.


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