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engage! - Downtown Parking Strategy

The City of Calgary first created a downtown parking strategy in 1966. The strategy combines bylaw parking rates with cash-in-lieu payments developers pay for The City to build public parking at ‘intercept’ locations at the edge of downtown.

The development industry is interested in increasing the amount of parking provided in office towers since there are more employees per square-foot of building space. The development industry is also interested in keeping more parking within each building, which would reduce the amount of cash-in-lieu funds paid to the CPA to build public parkades.

The City is reviewing the existing downtown parking strategy to address increasing demand for parking in new office developments. This strategy will look at the total amount of new parking provided, and how cash-in-lieu funds are collected and used. This includes options to build some parking at transit stations and main streets outside downtown, or not collecting cash-in-lieu payments at all.

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