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engage! - Albert Park Radisson Heights Community Association Facility

Project Update

A summary of the feedback we received during the engagement process is located here.  Thank you to all those community members who participated in this process.

As we work toward making a decision, we asked local residents to share their thoughts on how they currently use the community association facility.  You can read this information here.  Also, we asked residents to let us know which programs and services they would like to see offered at the community association facility.

In January and February we asked residents to tell us what they thought about different options for the types of space that could be considered for delivery of community programs and services in Albert Park and Radisson Heights.  The feedback collected can be viewed here.   

In the next few months The City of Calgary will review all information collected and provide a “What We Did” report to the community which outlines how the information collected was used to make a recommendation on this project. Please check back to this webpage for more information.