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Project Profile - Emerge Arbour Lake

Emerge Arbour Lake By Avalon Master Builder

Project rendering supplied by Gravity Architecture
Project rendering supplied by Gravity Architecture 

This net zero ready 87-unit stacked townhouse project by ​Avalon Master Builder is located in the northwest ​community of Arbour Lake about 800 metres from ​the Crowfoot LRT Station. The project was approved in ​July of 2022 and consists of 7 individual buildings ​ranging between 10 to 16 stacked units.

The intended ​rental development represents a mix of affordability, accessibility and energy efficiency (30% less than the ​Reference Model of NBC 2019-AE) resulting in​ 70% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions compared ​to an energy code compliant development. 

Project Details

Location:  81 Arbour Lake View NW ​
Building form: Multi-Residential (Stacked Townhouse)​
Number units:
87 (7 buildings, 7 phases)​
Number of storeys: 3​
Combined building floor area: 7,775m2 ​
Site area: 1.09 hectares ​
GHG emissions reduction: ~70% less emissions compared to code compliant development ​(44 net zero units and 43 net zero-ready units)
Energy Performance: ~30% less energy consumption (per building) compared to the Reference House of NBC 2019 (AE) 
Project cost: ~$20M​
Energy efficiency measures cost: ~$1.8M​
Building certification or labeling:
Pending – CHBA Net Zero Ready Home Label​
Website: coming soon

Energy Efficiency Measures

Building Envelope:​

  • Exterior Wall: R27 (2"X6" wall , R24 batt insulation + 1.5"XPS)​
  • Slab on Grade: R15 (3" spray foam)​
  • Ceiling: R60 (2"x4" truss with blown cellulose insulation)​
  • Triple glazed windows​
  • 1.5 Air Changes per Hour  ​

Mechanical Systems:

  • Ventilation: Heat Recovery Ventilation​
  • Heating/Cooling: Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump with Electric backup​
  • Hot Water: Heat Pump​

Renewable Energy Systems 

  • 300kW photovoltaics system ​
    • anticipated annular energy generating capacity: 1,270GJ or 350MWh 

Other Sustainability Measures 

  • 4 electric vehicle parking stalls ​
  • 9 Class 1 bicycle stalls ​
  • Lower water demand through introduction of permeable hardscaping ​
  • 385 additional shrubs over the Land Use Bylaw requirement 

Project Team 

  • Builder: Avalon Master Builder ​
  • Architect: Gravity Architecture ​
  • Energy Advisor: 4 Elements ​
  • Landscape: PI Design & Gravity Architecture  ​
  • Civil: Kellam Berg ​
  • Electrical systems: Knowbility   


Avalon Master Builder

221 - 4615 112 Av SE,​
Calgary, AB, T2C 5J3​
(403) 226-3485​ ​


Gravity Architecture​

210 St. George's Drive NE​
Calgary, AB T2E 7V6​
(403) 464-7721​

Energy Advisor

4 Elements ​

110 32 Av NE
Calgary, AB - T2E 2G4​
(403) 250-5514​ ​ ​​

Contact Information

The City of Calgary ​

Martin Beck, Senior Planner ​
Climate & Environment ​
Planning & Development Services​
The City of Calgary​
205 8 Av SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0K7​
(403) 700-1372​