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Brownfield Tax Incentive Program

Brownfield Tax Incentive Program

The Brownfield Tax Incentive Program encourages the re-development of brownfield sites. Eligible developments could include solar or wind farms.

Developments can receive a 5-year exemption of 50% of the municipal property taxes that result from increased assessed property value. The value increase is due to the construction of a new facility on the property. 

The program provides two wins for Calgarians:

A carbon-neutral source of electricity for Calgary.

A utilitarian use for eligible brownfield sites.

Is my site eligible?

Eligible sites must at minimum meet the following criteria:


The site is recognized as a brownfield property.


Capacity must be at least 5 megawatts.


The proposed plant has a Power Plant Approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).


The renewable fuel source must be solar or wind energy. Other proposed fuel sources require Climate & Environment team approval.


Please review additional criteria in the Bylaw.

  • What is a brownfield site?

    Brownfield sites are former commercial or industrial sites – such as landfills. The sites are contaminated, vacant or underused, and suitable for development. There are restrictions on how the land can be used. Some sites require ongoing management of contaminated material.

Apply to the program

To apply, visit the applicant portal and fill out the online form. Each site has unique information, and City staff will assist applicants if more details are needed.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of this incentive to Calgarians?

  • New developments create investment in the local economy through construction and engineering jobs.
  • Renewable energy reduces emissions with zero emission fuels.
  • Minimizes losses from transmission and distribution by locating facilities near existing demand.
  • Brownfield site usage would increase. This program targets sites which can’t host other activities or development.

My application was denied, what are my options?

Applications are denied because they do not meet the criteria outlined in the Bylaw. If your application is, there is an appeals process you can follow. The process is administered through The City’s Tax Incentive Appeal Board as outlined in Bylaw 24M2024.

Why is the renewable energy plant required to be 5 megawatts or larger?

This threshold ensures power plants meet AUC requirements. AUC's requirements include:

  • providing studies
  • offering opportunities for community engagement and,
  • meeting all safety standards.

This ensures that studies are done, and applications are approved by the provincial governing body. Smaller set-ups may not require the same level of scrutiny. This program focuses on larger brownfield sites that can help offset emissions.

How was the level and duration of incentive selected?

The City studied neighbouring areas to learn about tax breaks for renewable energy. In some places, incentives range from 1% to 2.5% and can last up to 11 years. Others start with 100% incentives in the early years and gradually reduce them over time. The City wanted to attract development to match potential brownfields within city limits. The supply and demand is expected to align.