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BenchmarkYYC helps building owners and operators measure and track the year-over-year energy performance of their buildings. Energy Benchmarking is foundational to supporting the continuous improvement of a building’s energy use, while also supporting long-term strategies to achieve net zero buildings by 2050.

How does BenchmarkYYC work?

  • Most commercial, multi-unit residential, institutional or industrial buildings that are on the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager List of Property Types can participate
  • The buildings can be of any size and must be located within the city boundary
  • Building owners must register for the program and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Building owners must create or use an existing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account and upload monthly energy billing information for each of their participating buildings
  • Each year, building owners share their building energy and GHG emissions data with BenchmarkYYC and receive an Energy Performance Scorecard
  • Building owners can choose to disclose their building energy and GHG emission information publicly. See more about our disclosure options

What does BenchmarkYYC track and disclose?

  • BenchmarkYYC tracks and discloses annual and monthly energy and GHG emissions data about your buildings
  • The Building Performance Scorecards includes:
    • Site Energy Use Intensity
    • Greenhouse Gas Emission Intensity
    • ENERGY STAR Scores
    • Year-Over-Year Trending
    • Rankings against similar buildings
  • The goal for all buildings is to lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity to 0 GJ/m2/year by 2050
  • The full list of data collection points can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Share my energy and emissions data

  • Energy and emissions data is collected by BenchmarkYYC between July and December of each year
  • Each participating building must have 12 months of whole-building energy consumption data
  • Building owners share their data by logging into their ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager accounts.
  • Submit your data:

Additional Resources

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Energy Performance Scorecard

All participating buildings receive an annual scorecard that displays key building performance metrics. It ranks your buildings against other similar buildings, helping you stay on track with your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets.

Energy Performance Map

The Energy Performance Map is a tool that highlights the locations, property characteristics, energy performance metrics and greenhouse gas emissions of participating buildings in the City of Calgary.


Calgary Board of Education

Watch the video to learn more about how the Calgary Board of Education has benefited from participating in the energy benchmarking program.

City of Calgary Water Centre Energy Star Certification

Located on a former brownfield site, the City of Calgary Manchester Water Centre is a five-storey office building completed in 2007 and home to the City’s Water Resources and Water Services staff. Upon opening, it was the Alberta’s first LEED Gold-certified building. This building is one of the 75 participating buildings owned by The City of Calgary in the Commercial Building Energy Benchmarking Program.

In 2020, the Water Centre achieved the ENERGY STAR certification with an ENERGY STAR score of 79, meaning that it is more energy efficient than 79 percent of similar properties nationwide. After 13 years of reliable operation, this LEED Gold building is performing well compared to its peers with proven energy efficiency. The ENERGY STAR certification is a recognized symbol for commercial and institutional buildings certifying a building as energy efficient via energy benchmarking and site verification. You can find the Water Centre and other ENERGY STAR certified buildings on the NRCan’s ENERGY STAR website