Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP)

Clean energy improvement program

Buildings account for almost 65 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Calgary. A significant portion of the buildings that will exist in Calgary in 2050 have already been built today, making it necessary to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements as we move to a low carbon future.

The goal of low carbon financing programs is to provide accessible, flexible, and attractive financing to property owners to make building performance improvements.

The first program The City is exploring is the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP). CEIP is designed to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades accessible to all homeowners.

Additional program offerings will also be explored for commercial and residential buildings. 

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What is CEIP?

Administered by the Alberta Municipal Services Corporation, CEIP addresses upfront cost barriers to make energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades more attainable to property owners. Residential property owners will be able to access flexible financing through The City to pay for eligible upgrades, with repayment collected through property taxes.

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Who can access CEIP financing?

The City is planning to develop the program for residential properties first and could expand to non-residential properties in the future. 

Why is CEIP good for Calgary?

In Calgary, we track the amount of greenhouse gas emissions added to the atmosphere every year through activities that happen within our city boundaries. Approximately two-thirds of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Calgary are caused by heating, lighting and power demands in buildings. CEIP is one of many tools that we need to support greenhouse gas reductions.

Programs like CEIP also support our local economy. The home improvement projects that qualify for CEIP will create work for local energy efficiency and renewable energy contractors.

When can I apply?

CEIP will launch to homeowners in January 2023. Please subscribe for email updates or watch this page for the official launch date and information on how to prepare for your application.

Are you an electrician, plumber, HVAC technician, energy advisor, window, insulation, and solar installer that services homeowners in Calgary? Only CEIP Qualified Contractors are eligible to work on Clean Energy Improvement Program projects. Visit now to learn more and apply to become a CEIP Qualified Contractor. 

Frequently asked questions

Will CEIP increase my property tax?

Only the property owners participating in the program would see an increase on their property tax bill. If you don’t participate in the energy upgrade program, it will not impact your property taxes. 

What types of home upgrades would be eligible for the program?

Energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades are eligible for the program. A list of upgrades eligible for The City of Calgary’s program is included in the Clean Energy Improvement Program Bylaw. Detailed eligibility criteria for each upgrade will be available on when the program launches in Calgary. 

I am a contractor working in energy efficiency and renewable energy in Calgary – how can I participate?

Contractors can find more information about participating in CEIP at As the City of Calgary’s program development progresses more information will be available to Calgary contractors. 

Can I start on my project now and access CEIP financing later?

No, projects that begin prior to program launch will not be eligible for financing. An application will need to be submitted and approved prior to any work being started on the project. 

Can I apply for financing now?

The City of Calgary’s CEIP program is not currently open to applications.  We anticipate opening the program to homeowner applications in fall 2022, dependent on funding approval timelines.

Is CEIP different than PACE programs?

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It’s a financial instrument that allows property owners to finance energy efficiency or renewable energy upgrades through their municipal property taxes. CEIP stands for the Clean Energy Improvement Program and is Alberta’s version of PACE. 

Although a similar financing mechanism to PACE, CEIP has its own unique guidelines and requirements that are specific to the Alberta context and designed to support the local economy while also protecting property owners.

What is the Clean Energy Improvement Bylaw?

In order to participate in the program, municipalities need to first pass a CEIP bylaw. That bylaw authorizes a municipality to borrow money for the purpose of financing clean energy improvements, and use the property tax system to facilitate repayment from property owners.

On December 6, 2021, Calgary’s Clean Energy Improvement Bylaw was passed by Calgary’s City Council. The Bylaw enables The City to offer CEIP in Calgary and provides guidelines for how the program should operate in Calgary.