Climate hazards: Wildfires


Calgary is not as exposed to wildfire as northern and mountain communities adjacent to large, forested areas. However, some communities in Calgary are situated beside forested areas, grasslands, coulees, river valleys and some parks that may have a high potential for fire control problems. In the past we have experienced multiple grass fires, such as those on Nose Hill. As climate change makes summers longer, drier and hotter, and with more intense storm events, wildfire risk in our area will continue to intensify.

Increased wildfire risk will lead to increased smoke and air quality issues in Calgary. Regardless of where you live in Calgary, you have potential to be impacted by wildfire smoke.

In an urban setting, wildfires can grow by catching trees, leaves, plants, dried grasses, and other fuels, and spread to structures, including your home. Sparks and embers from a wildfire as far as two kilometres away from your home can also ignite materials and cause severe damage to your home.

Wildfire vulnerability

Consider the following questions. The more questions you answer as YES, the more vulnerable you and your property may be to wildfires:

Question Yes/No

Do you live beside dense, continuous forests or unmanaged grasslands?

This includes large urban parks such as Nose Hill, Confederation, Edworthy, and Fish Creek Provincial Park?

Do you have combustible materials and/or trees in close proximity to your home?
Do you have wooden shake roofing materials?

Do you live on the mid to upper portion or crest of a hill or slope?

(Fire moves faster uphill and may put your home at higher risk).

Is your exterior siding made of wood or vinyl?
Do you live in a home without an indoor air purifier?

How to reduce wildfire impacts

Some of the most impactful actions to reduce wildfire impacts to you and your home include:

For more information about protecting your home and property from wildfires, refer to the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction’s Homeowner Guide: Protect Your Home From Wildfire and

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