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Safety Expo 2024

Safety Expo 2024

A virtual event

Welcome to 2024 Safety Expo

The 2024 Safety Expo was held as a three-day virtual event featuring live online presentations and virtual exhibitors from March 5 - 7.

The theme of this year’s Safety Expo is: Creating belonging in our community:

  • As we play and interact with each other, we create a sense of belonging for ourselves and others, which helps us make our city a safe place to live and play.
  • We feel safe when we know those around us value our contributions and consider our needs. 
  • Supporting each other in feeling that we all belong helps to build strong communities.
  • Small moments are powerful opportunities to make big changes in someone else’s life.

This year, we want to challenge everyone participating in Safety Expo to think about how you can spread kindness and build trust in your schools and communities.

Students and teachers can complete this Safety Expo 2024 activity book and be entered into a prize draw. Prizes include safety packs for students and teachers along with field trips and free admission to local attractions to continue the learning experience in the community. Download the activity book answer key.

If you have any questions, contact

Recorded virtual presentations

Alberta Health Services

Calgary 911

Calgary Drop-in

Calgary Emergency Management Agency

Calgary Human Society

Centre for Sexuality

Calgary Fire Department

City of Calgary - Climate & Environment

City of Calgary - Greenline

City of Calgary - Waste & Recycling

Inside Education

Virtual exhibitors

Learn about our 2024 Safety Expo virtual exhibitors by watching their videos, downloading their safety-related activities and information sheets and visiting their websites.

A work sheet for teachers to provide their classrooms can be found here, along with an answer guide.


Alberta Elevating Devices & Amusement Rides Safety Association

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services Mental Health Literacy Project


City of Calgary - Development, Business & Building Services

City of Calgary - Greenline

Calgary Emergency Management Agency

CEMA's Ready Squad


Shock Trauma Air Rescue Services

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