Safety Expo 2022

Safety Expo 2022

A virtual event

Welcome to 2022 Safety Expo

The 2022 Safety Expo is held as a two-day virtual event featuring live online presentations and virtual exhibitors on March 9 and 10, 2022.

This year, our theme is: be a safety superhero in your community.

Superheroes are not only defined by the capes they wear or the symbols on their chest. Superheroes are also defined by their character; the compassion they show and how they follow their values for the good of others. Everyday superheroes live and play along with us and their actions are not limited to life-saving situations. Safety superheroes can take small actions every day – for their own health and safety, and for others!

For the 2022 Safety Expo, we challenge everyone participating to get creative and be an everyday safety superhero.

Here are some examples of actions you can take:

  • Shovel a neighbour’s sidewalk when you help your parents with yours
  • Hold the door for a senior citizen or mother with a stroller
  • Thank a doctor, nurse, teacher, or firefighter for their service for others
  • Uplift or encourage a classmate or friend
  • Donate some of the toys you no longer play with to charity

The 2022 Safety Expo is held as a two-day virtual event featuring live online presentations and virtual exhibitors March 9-10, 2022. Videos and activities will remain accessible online following the event.

Students and teachers can complete this Safety Expo 2022 activity quiz to be entered into a prize draw.

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Live virtual presentations

Live virtual presentations were held March 9 and 10. Watch recorded versions of the presentations by clicking the links below. The videos will remain viewable for four weeks.

Virtual exhibitors

Learn about our 2022 Safety Expo virtual exhibitors by watching their videos, downloading their safety-related activities and information sheets and visiting their websites.

A work sheet for teachers to provide their classrooms can be found here, along with an answer guide.

Thank you to Enmax for being a Safety Expo 2022 virtual event sponsor.


Resources and activities:


Alberta Elevating Devices & Amusement Rides Safety Association

Resources and activities:

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services Mental Health Literacy Project


AMA School Safety Patrol


Calgary Police Service

Stay Smart Stay Safe program

Calgary Recreation and Calgary Neighbourhoods

Calgary Transportation


Calgary Search and Rescue Association


Canada Task Force 2


Shock Trauma Air Rescue Services

War Amps

PLAYSAFE program

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