Digital Service Squad Program

Free digital services for Calgary small businesses Digital Service Squad

Are you busy enough just running your small business, with no time to make that great web page or social media plan? Want to make it easier for potential customers to find you online? Help is on the way with the Digital Service Squad (DSS).

Our team of post-secondary students can help get your small business online, digitize and monetize, for free. The DSS offers one-on-one assistance to eligible small businesses across Calgary to help them adopt new technologies and embrace digital marketing.

Personalized support from a DSS member is within reach. Sign up today!

Eligible small businesses

To be eligible you must be:

  • Located in Calgary.
  • Registered in Alberta.
  • 0 to 49 employees (can include self-employed business owners with no employees).
  • Home-based or commercial business.

Ineligible businesses

  • Non-profits, charitable trusts, and franchises.

How to sign up

  • Sign up by creating an account at Digital Main Street.
  • Enter brief business information.
  • Filll out the digital assessment when you create your account – or we can do it with you later.
  • Once signed up, you will be contacted by a DSS Squad member in a few weeks.

Program Partnerships

This is part of the Digital Economy Program, delivered by  Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street. It is funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

  • Create account

    Approx. 1 min

  • Enter brief business information

    Approx. 3 min

  • Complete digital assessment or we can help you with it later

    Approx. 5 min

  • A DSS Squad member will contact you in a few weeks about eligibility and next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Did you try signing up and have questions? See the FAQs.

What kinds of services can this program provide?

Depending on the recommendations from your team member:

  • 1-on-1 digital transformation support.
  • Social media strategy.
  • Build a basic website.
  • Google My Business set up support.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Set up of a Point of Sale (POS) solution.
  • Create customer databases.
  • Streamline business processes with digital tools.

Why do I need to sign up for this program?

Similar programs are being offered throughout Alberta. Sign-ups ensure that local Calgary small businesses qualify for the program and have opportunity to get the free support. 

When signing up, do I need to disclose confidential information about my business?

No, only basic contact information such as email, address and phone number are required for sign-up.

My business does not have a permanent location, do I qualify?

 Yes, as long as you meet the program eligibility.

What if I am the only employee (operator/employee), operating as a one-person business?

Businesses with one employer or owner/operator are eligible and can start with the first step of sign up.

I run a home-based business; am I eligible for this program?

Yes, home-based businesses are eligible, and you can start the sign-up process.

Why do I need to complete an online digital assessment?

A digital assessment provides a snapshot of where your business is currently at using digital tools. We will use this assessment to determine the next steps for your digital transformation to best support your business.

What if I am not able to complete the online digital assessment? Can I get someone to help?

Yes, after you register for the DSS, a team member can help you complete the digital assessment.

My business is currently enrolled in the ShopHere program; can I also sign up for the Digital Services Squad too?

Yes, eligible businesses can apply for either one or both programs, in no particular order.

Will I be contacted if my business does not qualify for DSS support?

Yes, a Squad team member will reach you to communicate the outcome of your application.

When can I expect to be contacted by a DSS Squad team member?

The DSS Squad team in Calgary will work diligently to contact businesses in the next few weeks.

How is this program being funded?

This is part of the Digital Economy Program, delivered by Business Link in collaboration with Digital Main Street. It is funded by the Government of Alberta and Prairies Economic Development Canada.

Who are the program partners—Business Link and Digital Main Street?

  • Business Link is Alberta’s small business hub and a non-profit organization that helps people navigate the steps toward starting their own businesses. Funding support is provided by the Governments of Alberta and Canada.
  • Digital Main Street is a program and service that helps main street businesses achieve digital transformation. It began in Ontario and is offering its assistance across Canada.

I have a small business in the region. Is there a program outside Calgary?

There are Digital Service Squad programs outside Calgary. It's best to complete the sign-up at the Digital Main Street webpage. Once you are registered, a local Service Squad should get the notification and be in touch.

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