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Reporting snow and ice concerns

What, when and how to report snow concerns

Roadways | Sidewalks | Pathways | Calgary Transit | Other concerns

Roads, cycle tracks and on-street bike lanes

The Seven-Day Snow Plan is The City’s schedule for snow clearing once a snowfall ends. It sets out what we clear, to what extent, and on which day within the clean-up period. Please refer to the plan before reporting concerns to understand the timing and limits of The City’s snow clearing operations.

USE the roadway report for:

  • Impassable roads due to snow⁄ice or flooding, despite driving to the conditions (e.g. slowing down, leaving more room to stop)
  • Cycle tracks or on-street bikeways
  • Snow/ice hanging from a Plus 15 walkway
  • Snow fence maintenance or installation requests
  • Damaged Snow Angel sign

​​Report to 311​​


Do NOT use the roadway report for:

  • Windrows - our crews work to limit the snow debris left by a plow. If a windrow limits access to private driveways or on-street parking, citizens may choose to clear them at their convenience.
  • Deerfoot Trail or Stoney Trail – these are managed by The Province - visit 511 Alberta Road Report

Sidewalks beside private property

The City snow clearing bylaw requires property owners to clear the sidewalk alongside  private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. It also sets out where to pile snow shoveled from the sidewalk.

Please note:

  1. Sidewalk reports can only be processed with an exact street address, and after the 24-hour grace period has passed.
  2. Our crews work to limit the amount of snow a plow pushes onto a sidewalk. But it does happen. It`s the adjacent property owner`s responsibility to re-clear the sidewalk as needed.

USE the sidewalk report for:

  • Sidewalks bordering private residential or business property not cleared within 24 hours of a snowfal​l ending
  • An injury from slipping or falling on a sidewalk as a result of a property owner not complying with the bylaw

​​Report to 311​​


Do NOT use the sidewalk report for:

  • City-maintained sidewalks - see the snow clearing map for pathways, bikeways and sidewalks.
  • Snow/ice on walkways between houses - walkways are not maintained over winter.
  • Sidewalks beside a public or private school - the school is responsible for clearing.
  • Snow around community post office boxes - Canada Post is responsible for clearing.

City-maintained pathways, sidewalks and parks

The City clears snow and ice from 500 km of pathway and some sidewalks. See the snow clearing map before reporting concerns to see if the area is maintained by The City.

USE the Pathway report for snow/ice concerns:

  • On a City-cleared pathway
  • On a City-maintained sidewalk
  • On a roadway or parking lot within a City park

​​Report to 311​​


Do NOT use the Pathway report for:

  • Snow/ice in cycle track or on-street bikeway – use the Roadway report.
  • Snow/ice on Calgary Transit property – use the Transit report.
  • Snow/ice on walkways between houses – The City does not maintain walkways.

Calgary Transit property

Calgary Transit clears snow and ice from its properties in priority order.

USE the Calgary Transit report for:

  • Snow/ice on an LRT platform, ramp or stairway - provide LRT station name
  • Snow/ice blocking access to a bus shelter or bus stop - provide the four-digit Teleride (bus stop) number
  • Snow/ice creating safety hazard at a Park and Ride lot - provide LRT station name

​​Report to 311​​


Do NOT use the Transit report for:

  • Calgary Transit route or schedule inquiries - visit or call 403-262-1000.

Other concerns

To report a concern not listed above, please use the Other report or call 311 to speak with an agent. For Calgary Transit related inquiries, call 403-262-1000.

​​Report to 311​​

Report snow and ice concerns


Click on the "Report" button that best fits your snow and ice concern. Provide as much detail as possible and the exact address or location description.

Mobile app

Download the 311 app to report your snow and ice concerns on the go.

By phone

Don’t have online access? Call us at 311.
Note: 311 agents need the same details required for online reporting.

Snow and ice clearing update

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