Weeds and long grass control

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Long grass and weeds on private property

Property owners must not allow grass and weeds to grow any higher than 15 cm (six inches). Learn more about bylaws related to long grass and weeds. 

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Long grass in a park 

To maximize cost efficiencies, crews follow a schedule when caring for grass in our parks. Grass within a park is usually mowed once every two weeks, weather permitting. Natural areas within a park (ie. Nose Hill Park) are typically not mowed however there may be special circumstances where mowing is occasionally required (for example, as part of a weed control program).

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Long grass on community medians 

Grass on medians within a community are mowed once every two weeks, weather permitting. Crews are on a cost effective, detailed schedule which they must adhere to. 

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Long grass along major roadways

Report long grass and weeds along major roadways. Grass along major roadways is mowed four times per year; crews are on a cost effective, detailed schedule which they must adhere to. Cool season grasses grow more quickly in April, May and June, so grass will be longer in these months than in summer and fall.  The City sprays for dandelions and weeds on a 5-6 year cycle.

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Long grass along Deerfoot Trail or Stoney Trail

The boulevards along Deerfoot Trail and Stoney Trail are maintained by the provincial government.

Deerfoot Trail:

  • For the majority of concerns on Deerfoot Trail, call Carmacks at 403-543-8750.
  • For Deerfoot Trail concerns south of Stoney Trail South, call Chinook Operations at 1-877-898-7623.

Stoney Trail:

  • Report concerns for Stoney Trail North (16 AV NW – 17 AV SE) to Carmacks at 403-543-8750.
  • Report concerns for Stoney Trail South east of Macleod Trail to 17 AV SE to Chinook Operations at 1-877-898-7623.

Report concerns for Stoney Trail South west of Macleod Trail to Glenmore Trail SW to KGL Operations at 403-212-0565.