Public engagement key areas

2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games bid Public engagement key areas

​The City is engaging Calgarians to understand whether or not to proceed with a bid to host the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Your feedback is vital. It will help City Council decide whether or not to proceed with a bid.

We will do our part by providing balanced and neutral information on what Calgary 2026’s Hosting Plan Concept means to Calgary. We have reviewed the hosting plan put forward by Calgary 2026, as well as conducted independent analysis of the plan.

We need you to provide feedback on the information, and cast your vote on whether or not Calgary should or should not host the Games.

We are talking with Calgarians about five key areas related to potentially hosting the games. Starting October 1 we want your feedback, and to know if there are other issues important to you.


​We’ll look at the projected costs of the Games, funding sources, where public funds come from and how they are used.


​We’ll share projections on the economic impact on jobs, businesses, the tourism industry and the overall reputation of Calgary on the world stage.

Venues and facilities

​We’ll provide insight into the proposed venues and facilities that would be upgraded or built to host the games.

Community impacts

We’ll examine the social impact hosting an event the scale and scope of the Olympics and Paralympics will have on Calgarians’ physical and cultural well-being, and how those, in turn, may impact community and social services.

Environmental sustainability

​We’ll examine what the environmental impact of hosting the games is projected to have on Calgary’s urban and natural environments.

Your opinion matters. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. We want to understand the issues that matter most to you.

For more information on upcoming open house events and other ways to share your feedback, visit