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Off-site levy bylaw receives unanimous approval

On Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, City Council approved Bylaw 2M2016, the new off-site levy bylaw. Council made the decision following a public hearing that included a detailed presentation and report from Administration. Presentations were also made from members of the development industry.

The report proposed updated off-site levy rates and community services charges for implementation on Feb. 1, 2016.

Off-site levies are charges that developers pay to the City of Calgary to help with the cost of off-site infrastructure. Off-site infrastructure includes major components like water and wastewater treatment facilities; recreation centres; connecting pipes; major roads, intersections, traffic signals and bridges; fire halls; libraries; transit buses; and, police stations.

The City of Calgary thanks all those who contributed to the process.

Given how fast economic indicators like the price of oil can change, it’s not hard to imagine the great challenge of accommodating the often unpredictable population growth in our city.

In an effort to meet that challenge, City of Calgary Manager Jeff Fielding announced in October 2014 the launch of Build Calgary, a collaboration between multiple City business units and external partners with a mission to prioritize and meet the ever-changing demands of growth within our city.

What is Build Calgary?

The Build Calgary core team – led by Brad Stevens (Deputy City Manager) and Joel Armitage (Director, Office of Land Servicing & Housing) – has been working diligently since the announcement to ensure the pieces are in place for a successful result.

Build Calgary's Five Initiatives

What is Build Calgary?

The City of Calgary wants to get out in front of the many challenges that come with growth. To make that happen, the Build Calgary team will work to achieve two goals: (1) implement a funding approach that provides the necessary infrastructure to accommodate projected growth; and (2) work with partners to create a transparent approach to sustainable infrastructure funding for the orderly, economic and beneficial development of land.

To accomplish this, the Build Calgary team has identified the following five critical initiatives:

  1. Off-Site Levy Bylaw: Council approval of an Off-Site Levy Bylaw, for implementation in 2016

Off-Site Levy Bylaw

  1. Land Supply Process: Transparent and balanced land/infrastructure delivery

Land Supply Process

  1. Legislative Framework: A new relationship with the Province of Alberta
  1. Regional Coordination: Partner with regional municipalities and agencies to ensure an efficient and sustainable metropolitan region
  1. Commercial/Industrial/Transit Oriented Development: Ensure significant development opportunities that generate non-residential tax revenue