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These activities will help youth build awareness and learn to identify international resources and activities to try. They can be done alone, but work best with friends over a video chat like Skype, Zoom, Facetime, etc.

Mindfulness Activity

Trivia question: What is the world’s tallest waterfall?
A) Angel Falls    B) Browne Falls    C) Yosemite Falls

Mindfulness activity:

  • Walk around the room.
  • Now walk around again, slowly.
  • Walk around again normally.
  • Walk around again very slowly.
  • Walk around one more time very, very slowly.

Korean Fan Craft


  • 2 pieces of paper
  • Tape
  • Paint or markers
  • Refer to page 3 as reference

Handheld fans have been used in art, dance, and poetry for centuries.

Help your child make their own fan:

  • Tape two pieces of white paper together on the short side, so you end up with one long white paper.
  • Turn it over so you don’t paint on the tape.
  • Draw a design that will look nice on the fan. Make it slightly stretched out, since it will shrink down when you fold it.
  • Paint or color the design.
  • Let it dry.
  • Cut off the corners to make them rounded.
  • Fold up the fan like an accordion (so it zig zags back and forth) starting from one short side of the paper.
  • Tape one end together to make the handle. - 2 pieces of paper

The Korean Rock Game


  • 5 small painted rocks

This is a traditional Korean game. It's similar to the game of 'jacks' but instead of metal toys, Koreans traditionally use rocks.

  • Collect 5 small rocks with your child in your backyard.
  • Put the rocks on the ground.
  • Have your child pick up one rock. They will toss it in the air while quickly trying to pick up a second rock before catching the first one before it hits the ground. They should have 2 stones in the same hand.
  • For the second round, try to pick up 2 rocks each time you throw one in the air.
  • In the third round, try to pick up three rocks and so on.
  • If the rock drops before catching or picking up the others, switch turns.

To make the game harder (don’t do this if your child could hurt themselves)

  • Toss all of the rocks in the air and try to catch them on the back of your hand.
  • Toss them up again and try to catch them on your palm.
  • The number of rocks that you catch is your score.
  • If you fail to catch them, it’s the next player’s turn.
  • The goal is to get the highest score.

Korean Hopping Game


  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Flat stone or similar object (button, plastic toy, shell, etc.)

Help your child draw a line of 10 boxes on the ground. You can put two boxes next to each other in some places. For ideas, search for “hopscotch” on the internet.

Write a number in each box, starting with 1 in the bottom box and going up to 10 in the top box. Or, try drawing the characters in Korean:

  1. 일 - eel
  2. 이 - ee
  3. 삼 - sam
  4. 사 - sa
  5. 오 - o
  6. 육 - yook
  7. 칠 - chil
  8. 팔 - pal
  9. 구 - goo
  10. 십 - ship

To play:

  • Throw your stone or other object so it lands on one of the boxes.
  • Hop on each box from 1 to 10, skipping over the one your object landed on. Use one foot when there’s only one box and two feet when there’s two.
  • Then hop on each box from 10 to 1, picking up your object on the way back.
  • To make it harder, try to throw your object onto each number.

Review Questions

Ask your child:

  • How does it feel to try things from another culture?
  • Do you think that kids in Korea like to play the same kinds of games as kids in Canada?
  • What other places in the world do you want to learn more about?

Trivia Answer

Mindfulness Activity Answer: A) Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall, it is in Venezuela​