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This is a classic twist on flag football. A non-contact version of the game everyone can enjoy.


  • A football or a ball that can be easily held
  • 2 socks per person

Step one: Make 'flags'

Stick 2 socks into the elastic waistband of each player's shorts (one on each hip).

Step two: Split up into teams

Split up into teams that are even. If there is an extra player, that player can be the Scorekeeper.

Step three: Find a space and set up

The game is best to play in an open field. Alternatively, use the garage or the basement for more space.

Set up the touchdown goals on each end of the field or room.

Modified rules:

Rules are modified to fit for a smaller space. Adjust distance according to available area.

In flag football, there are no kickoffs. Use a coin toss to decide which team will start with the ball. The coin toss winners will start with the ball from at their own 5 feet line (modify distance based on space).

There are three plays to cross the midfield.

Once a team crosses the midfield, there are three plays to score a touchdown or the other team will take possession of the ball, starting at their own 5 feet line.

When a team is within 5 feet of a touchdown, they are not allowed to run the ball. They must only pass.

A game has two halves that are 10-25 minutes long each. Shorten times for a shorter game. Don't forget to sub in the Scorekeeper so every person gets a chance to play.


  • Touchdown: 6 points
  • Extra point: 1 point (played from 5-foot line) or 2 points (played from 12-foot line)