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Kicking is a skill where your foot comes in contact with an object. For example, in the game of soccer, a player kicks the ball to get it in the net. This skill combines balance and strength in your lower body with timing and judgment to control or manipulate an object with your feet.

​Helps you:

  • Move items in your path if your hands are full with laundry
  • Maintain balance and stay upright if you slip
  • Perform in soccer and football

How to do it

Find an open area where you can move around without hitting any breakable objects (e.g. hallway or in your backyard). You'll also need a soft ball or balloon to practice with.

  • Place your ball or balloon in front of you.
  • Stand, facing forward in a staggered position (feet shoulder width apart, one foot in front and one foot behind you as if you were in a "frozen walk"). Your front foot should be beside your ball or balloon.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball while you put your weight on your front foot and move your back foot towards the ball.
  • Once you contact the ball, keep swinging your leg forward until you need to step and put your weight on your kicking leg. The forward motion should feel like walking in a straight line, with a kick of the ball in the middle of your stride.

Challenge yourself

  • Try kicking with your opposite foot (reverse your front and kicking leg).
  • Pick a target to aim the ball at a few feet away.
  • Add in more steps or run while you kick.

Try these activities to work on your kicking:

​​​​ ​​​​