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Skipping is a simple skill that can help you warm up or do well in a wide range of activities. This skill uses hand-eye coordination to build stamina and core stability. You can practice skipping with a jump rope, a heavy rope with a knot in each end or without any equipment at all!

Helps you:

  • Play longer
  • Move your feet faster
  • Have better balance
  • Perform in tennis, basketball, soccer and more!

Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes burns about the same number of calories as running a mile at an 8 minute pace?

How to do it

Make sure you clear an area and practice skipping in your own space. Practice a few times to get the feel of the skill. Go slowly and note the motions of your wrists and legs as you do it.

No equipment

Step-hop skip

  • Step then hop on your right foot, while lifting your left knee up sharply.
  • Step and hop on your left foot, lifting your right knee up sharply.
  • Repeat. Emphasize the hop action to allow the opposite leg to swing forward freely.


  • Say "step-hop, step-hop" out loud as you practice.
  • Place your hands on hips at first so you can think about the leg action. Try to raise your opposite arm when you raise your leg.
  • Hold both of your arms out to the sides for balance. Skipping has a rhythm to it that takes practice!
  • Keep your head up to watch where you’re going.

With a jump rope

Jumping basics:

  • Stand with feet a few inches apart and jump (with both feet) up and down in one place several times.
  • Practice jumping with both feet together, tucking your knees upwards towards your chest.
  • Draw a line or put tape on the ground and practice jumping side to side over it.

Jumping rope:

  • Stand with feet side by side, a few inches apart.
  • Put one handle of the jump rope into each hand and keep the jump rope behind your body.
  • Swing the jump rope over your head to the front of your body and let it stay on the ground. Keep the rope still and jump over it.
  • Next, swing the jump rope to the front of your body and when it gets close to your feet, JUMP! It takes practice to get the timing just right

Challenge yourself

  • Play music while you skip. When the music stops, freeze your body.
  • Play your favorite songs. Try skipping to the beat of the music.
  • Increase how fast you move your feet or the rope.
  • Try skipping in a backward direction (make sure there's nothing behind you before you move).

If you don't have a rope, try to:

  • Make musical instruments to use while skipping (rice or dry beans in plastic milk jug).
  • Tap on the bottom of a drum/bucket as you skip around to the beat of the drum.