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A turn is performed when you are traveling in one direction and move your feet and body, creating a change in direction.  For example:  changing direction to avoid being tagged in a game.  Turning is commonly paired with other movements such as jumps, pivots and twists.  You can perform a turn while in motion, from a standing position or while jumping in the air!  For this skill we are focusing on turning from a forward walking/running motion, using a pivot to change direction.

Helps you:

  • Move safely around objects in your house without hitting or walking into them
  • Avoid being tagged in a game, add running to your turn to make you the ultimate player
  • Develop skills to excel in sports like soccer, basketball, football and racquet sports

How to do a Push-turn

  1. Find an open area where you have room to move without hitting any breakable objects, such as a living room, or outside in a yard. 
  2. Stand facing forwards. 
  3. Starting with your right foot, take three steps forward. On your third step (right, left, right), focus your weight on the right foot. 
  4. While still in your walking motion, push off of your right foot and step to the left.  As you step, turn your body to the left and continue walking or running.   
  5. Once your left foot is back on the ground, you will now be facing a new direction (to the left).   
  6. When comfortable with one side, switch and try turning in the opposite direction (left foot first, push-turn to the right). 

How to do a Cross-turn

Start with steps 1. 2. & 3. above 

  1. While still in your walking motion, swing your left foot forward and across your right foot.   
  2. As the left foot crosses over, turn your whole body, pivot on the toes of the right foot and turn to the right side. 
  3. Once your left foot is back on the ground, you will now be facing a new direction (to the right).   
  4. When comfortable with one side, switch and try turning in the opposite direction (left foot first, cross-turn to the left). 

Challenge yourself

  1. Try the same steps but increase your speed to a jog or run.  
  2. If comfortable, don’t stop after your have changed direction (turned), continue into the new forward walk/run for 6-8 steps then turn, eventually traveling in a ‘square’ pattern. 


Try these activities to work on your turning: