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Ready to train like a ninja? Practice your striking skills with your family

Dress like a Ninja

Ninjas often dress in black so they can easily fit in with the background.

  • Dress in black from head-to-toe.
  • Make your own ninja mask.
    1. Pull a shirt over your head stopping above the ears and nose.
    2. Pull the back of the shirt over the top of the head.
    3. Pull the sleeves behind the neck and head and tie together.
    4. Add an extra cloth or bandana around the head to personalize your mask.

Master the Skills of a Ninja

Ninjas have many skills that keep them hidden in plain sight.

  • Ninjas are stealthy and quiet. Practice the following skills with stealth:
    • Tip toe walking
    • Balance on one leg
    • Jumping and landing on both feet, then one foot
    • Hopping on one foot
  • Ninjas are agile and fast. Practice the following skills with speed:
    • Running forward
    • Crawling
  • Ninjas have good hand eye coordination. Practice the following skills with precision:
    • Under hand throw and over hand throw
    • Catching with two hands and then one hand
  • Ninjas use their hands and feet to strike. Practice the following skills with speed and accuracy:
    • Spell NINJA in the air with your arms
    • Spell NINJA in the air with your legs
    • Toss a balloon in the arm and try to strike it with your arm and then your foot

For an extra challenge, set up obstacles in your home or backyard for Ninjas to avoid.