Park of the week Carburn Park


Calgary is filled with amazing parks. More than 10,000 hectares of parkland and natural areas are maintained by The City.


Things to keep in mind while enjoying the outdoors

  • Maintain physical distancing: minimum 2 metres or 6 feet (the length of a bicycle) away from fellow explorers.
  • Take nothing but photos and leave nothing but footprints.
  • Only venture outside if you're feeling healthy and not exhibiting any symptoms.

Carburn Park is located in the South East of Calgary, and it sits along the Bow River, adjacent to Sue Higgins Off-Leash Park. This is a well-manicured park with many paved trails, which makes it perfect for running, biking, walking with strollers, and much more.

Trails may be partially snow covered or muddy depending on the season. If you are planning to explore, please wear proper footwear. Choose shoes with a good grip that you don't mind getting dirty.

Historic value

The land Carburn Park sits on used to belong to Senator Patrick Burns. Burns is one of the ‘Big Four’ that started the Calgary Stampede in 1912. The City of Calgary obtained the land in the 70’s from a company called ‘Carburn Aggregates’, hence the name Carburn Park.

Be on the lookout

Beavers can be found along the banks of the Bow River. They’re nocturnal. The best time to see them is dawn and dusk. An adult beaver can take down 200+ trees per year. They are the second largest rodent in the world.

Did you know?

Carburn Park is rich in plant life and is a great example of a riverine deciduous forest. The Balsam Poplar is one of the heartiest trees in Canada. It is a native prairie tree and is great for the urban canopy in Calgary.

No off-leash areas in Carburn Park

Remember to keep your dog on-leash at all times in Carburn Park. There is no off-leash area. There is a bridge into Sue Higgins Off-leash area in the west part of the park.