Take the ocean home. Challenge your balance on a ‘surfboard’ and enjoy the waves.

Where to play: Open area inside the house or outside on a flat surface

Safety tip: Be sure your space is clear of other objects


  • A flat and sturdy board that is wide enough to stand on with feet shoulder width apart, such as rigid plastic sled, wooden board or small stack of books
  • A cylinder such as empty container: tennis ball container or shampoo bottle, rounded hand weights or foam roller


In celebration of Senior’s Week, connect with an older adult virtually through a video to try this activity together or taking turns. Be sure to modify the activity to ensure everyone’s safety using a larger board, smaller fulcrum and a chair or wall to hold onto. Do not attempt this activity if you are not comfortable.

Step one

Place your board on top of your fulcrum so that it is in the middle of the board.

Step two

Begin with your knees shoulder width apart on the board with your upper body upright and hands out to the side.

Step three

Try to apply equal weight on both knees for better balance.

Step four

Transfer your weight from side to side in a slow, steady and controlled motion.

Step five

When you feel comfortable, you may balance on your feet on the board with a chair or adult near by for support.

Step six

Place your feet shoulder width apart on the board with your upper body upright and hands out to the side.

Step seven

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with your feet on the board.

Extra challenges

  • Move your feet closer or explore different boards and fulcrums.
  • Use a hard round ball under the board to challenge your balance.
ride the waves