Caution | Outdoor water restrictions in effect

Stage 3 outdoor water restrictions are in effect. Learn more about how City services are impacted and what you can do during this stage.

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Week 1

Day one

Find a variety of different objects. Then look for a puddle to test which objects float and which ones sink.

Day two

Find 10 things that are longer than your foot and 10 things that are shorter than your foot.

Day three

Go outside and take a picture of 10 things that are living and 10 things that are not living.

Day four

Draw an obstacle course with sidewalk chalk. Use different colours and write a challenge to your neighbours to participate.

Day five

Count how many steps it takes to get to your nearest park bench. Once you get there, stop and listen to hear three different bird species. Then count how many hops or skips it takes to get back to where you started.

Day six

Collect 5 items you think will float. Find the nearest bridge over a body of water. Drop your objects into the water and see which one flows fastest under the bridge. Run to the side of the bridge to see.

Day seven

Pick up 5 pieces of garbage. Be sure to wear gloves and/or use a stick or other apparatus so you don’t touch the garbage with your hands. Ask your parents first to make sure it is safe to pick up.

Week 2

When you find an item, do the described exercise.

Work with your family to complete each exercise (e.g. "2 hours of walking" means 2 collective hours, so 4 people could do 30 minutes each).

You have all week to complete the exercises, so take your time.

  • Purple towel - 500 jumping jacks
  • Barbeque - 2 hours of walking
  • Shirt with a Disney character - 100 air kicks
  • Scented candle - 3 minutes of sprinting
  • Horseradish - spin around 20 times
  • DVD player - 30 minutes of yoga or stretching
  • Off-white curtains - 100 air punches
  • Microwave - 100 toe touches
  • Brown shoes - stand on one foot for 120 seconds
  • Handmade quilt - 5 minutes of skipping